This paper analysis a course “Web Sit Design”. In class a real web site of e-commerce as a model used through all course. Students learn to set the web sit step by step follow the model. Finally they would set a web sit by themselves. The model web sit just like a thread to put all the knowledge of web sit in together.

The course of “Web Site Design” is a basic computer course in many universities. In the course students will learn how to set up a web site for e-business or e- government. And also design homepages and multimedia material which used by homepages. There are some teaching ways in this course such as: teaching based on software functions or teaching based a web site case. In first complexion teachers teach students according the software function one by one. Many students would found that the art which they learn are pearls but they need a thread to put all the pearls together. In second complexion student would learn how to design web site step by step. Finally they would set a web site by themselves.


The way of teaching based case is described as figure 1. Final exam of the course is every student designs a web site on himself in prescriptive time

A. Selecting a real web site as a model

First, a real living E-commerce web sit —-Zhonghao chemical material exchange web site is selected. In class I teach students to analysis the framework of the web site and the idea of design an e-commerce web site. Then technology which used to achieve the design ides and implement the framework.

B. Introduce the software

The step of introduce software let students know there are lots of kinds of software which can design web site. In our university Dreamweaver, Firework and Flash are chosen.

C. Design the multimedia material of web site

In this step students would be taught how to use Firework and Flash to produce the pictures and cartoon. All the pictures and cartoons are living in the real web site. And students would learn how to implement them. So the pictures and cartoons just like a thread. They put the technology together and give students a real scene to see what the result of they doing. It makes students very happy and remembers the technology for a long time

D. Design the framework of web site

Designing the framework of website includes design the structure and model of web page. It decides the style of web site. All pages in the same web site will have same framework. In an E-commerce company, headquarters can design the model of web page. Then every department would design the web pages according to models. Using model page makes web pages in a company have same style.

E. Design web pages

Although all pages have same style, there is still something can do when designing web pages? We can put some words, tables, pictures and cartoons. Every web page has different content and different ideas. So using multimedia material would be very helpful.

F. Set a web site

In the course we use Microsoft IIS to set a web site. In this step students would learn how to using IIS and other knowledge of setting web site.

G. Maintenance of web sit

After setting a web site students would learn how to publish homepage and maintenance web pages.