Abstract: Today, in the current global scenario, Women were facing lot of challenges. We can hear the news of women harassments than their achievements. codeshoppy.com There are many existing apps and devices for women security via smart phones. Though the smart phones have increased rapidly, it is not possible to have the phone all the time in our hand to make a call or click on it, so here we introduced a new technique via smart watches. When a women or child wearing this ‘watch me’ is exposed to sexual or vulnerable attack, the sensor present in it detects the heart beat rate of a person which will be high at the moment by the secretion of epinephrine hormone from hpa axis and gets activated, this will not only provide a alarm sound to the attention of nearby people, it will automatically make an call to our registered contact and also through GPS/GSM it will detect the nearby police station and make an ring there so it will be helpful for police to arrive soon at the spot by tracking the GPS , such a system will lead to safer and better environment.