Application For Online Voting System Using Android Device

Abstract—Voting is an important aspect for democratic countries. Elections decide which candidate is capable and also decides the future of that country therefore elections should be as transparent as possible and should have high level of security. But the existing voting system has some flaws like time consuming process because voter has to wait in queue for casting their vote also there is lesser security in present voting sys tem. Due to this, inclination of voters is decreasing towards voting and voting percentage decreases. To overcome these issues and to improve the existing voting system we are designing online voting system using android application which will give better system security and vote casting become less time consuming process and it will provide better results. Voter can cast vote remotely from anywhere in the country with the help of an android device and voting application on his device. Voters must have internet connection on their android device to cast vote from remote place. Android application will be compatible with almost all the android devices so that every voter should get benefit of online voting system. It has higher level of security as it has two stage authentication technique i.e. Facial recognition and One Time Password (OTP). Voter data that is his facial images and voter id will be stored on the database. Verification process is done by server itself. Facial image of voter will fetched by android application which will be then forwarded to server for further verification, also thereafter One Time Password will be provided to the voter on his registered mobile number for further verification process for vote casting. Voter is allowed to cast his vote after successful verification with facial recognition and One Time Password. Results of election will be displayed on individual voter’s device in terms of notification and voter will get updates about election to enhance the system performance.Keywords—Android, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), One Time Password (OTP), Database


Voting plays a very important role in any democratic country .Voting is the system where citizens choose and replace government by doing elections. Hence these elections must be accurate and transparent. When elections are happening there is need for lot of man power for completion of elections properly and with desired security. Although lot of man power is used in elections there is no guarantee that elections will be done with no fake votes. Sometimes there are chances that fake votes can be done. Also for voting voter has to go to the voting booth and stand in line for long time. Due to this the percentage of voting reduced in some amount. Currently used voting system consumes much time and it is a very hectic process. Application for Online Voting System using Android Device (AOVSAD) provides the facility of casting votes without visiting the booth to the voters. The facial recognition secures the system by allowing the authentic voter for voting. One time password (OTP) provides another level of security to the system. To avoid fake voting and for providing voter an extra comfort by doing vote from remote place so that voter inspired to cast his vote and voting percentage will increase phenomenally. A new technique as Mobile based Facial Recognition can be implemented. This system provides extra bandwidth utilization for voting system.


Existing voting system is a major issue in our country and researchers have tried to prescribe various techniques to improve the system. The system presented by [1], is the electronic voting system using GSM mobile technology.

When ready to vote, the voter can send a message to GSM modem and can cast their vote after IVR authentication. This also presents a website voting system with system generated OTP and verification of iris. The system designed in [3], gives the overview of the online voting system using mobile application. It provides security keys like mobile face recognition and OTP verification. This approach proposed by [4], use PCA which is a standard method used for recognition of statistical design in order to reduce dimensionality and used for feature extraction from particular object that is it extracts important information in terms of pattern. It is used to preserve the important information of the pattern of the object and used to remove redundant information. The paper proposed by [6], the system utilizes the camera system on mobile devices; system identification can be done by a person using face recognition system. In this system, the facial recognition is done with the use of cloud computing. The paper by [7], one of the ways to prevent the password theft is to avoid using static password and to authenticate a user with One Time Password. Using instant messaging service available in internet, user will obtain OTP after image authentication. The image based authentication method relies on the user’s ability to recognize pre-chosen pictures. Some of the above approaches are developed and implemented separately. Some are good in security aspects but are not efficient to use with the current system. Some give an overview of the technologies that can be used to improve the conventional system but not the actual implementation. Available approaches have to be improved in security aspects and simplicity.The system we designed to overcome these flaws will mainly target the urban population.