Maker Education to students Matriculation School

Maker Education to students Matriculation School

At present, the traditional teaching methods are not enough to arouse interest of students in learning and it is difficult to achieve the expected learning effect in secondary vocational schools. In order to solve this problem, this paper has done some research in secondary vocational schools. It is found that Maker education, as a new form of secondary vocational education, has been loved by students to some extent. This paper makes a brief analysis of traditional teaching methods and creative education in terms of students’ attitudes and achievements. Karthi Vihayala Kumbakonam

It is found that students have good learning attitudes and high learning interest in Maker classroom, which is conducive to the systematic mastery of scientific knowledge. Moreover, this paper also conducts in-depth investigation and research on the feasibility and necessity of Maker Education in secondary vocational schools, which provides relevant theoretical basis for the full implementation of Maker education in Matriculation schools.


One of the recognized means for improving the readiness of cbse school students for STEM-related careers is outreach to high school programs. The newly created at Texas State University – San Marcos has partnered with the Alliance and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to create an opportunity for high school students to receive college credit in engineering disciplines for a set of advanced high school STEM courses.

Many previous STEM-related high school outreach efforts have centered on skills in mathematics and the basic sciences. Less early emphasis on engineering skills is not surprising since most engineering skills require strong mathematics and science skills as prerequisites. This paper identifies a set of skills common to many engineering disciplines which can be taught contemporaneously with high school mathematics and science courses. This paper also describes a set of courses for cbse school skills .

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