Self-Study Support System Using The Teachers Contents

Self-Study Support System Using The Teachers Contents

Now, there are many systems to create teachers contents. However, there is no research and system for self-study support by using lecture contents. It is because we have nothing to define the study rules that we cannot study by using teachers contents. This paper describes the methods to create the study ontology which define study sequence and study rule from the syllabuses for self-study by using teachers contents .Best School in Kumbakonam

The movie contents sharing platform which can share movie contents has many users. One of the most popular movie contents sharing platform is “YouTube”, which has more than 2 million users in Japan. it is easy to deliver the movie contents. However, it is so difficult for the viewers to search the movie contents they need, because there are a large amount of contents. The movie contents sharing platform use the information of “Description” and “Tag” when the movie is uploaded in order to search movie as metadata. It means even if there is a movie content which user needs, when“Description” and “Tag” don’t correspond to the word which user inputted, user can’t watch it.


The system we developed uses lecture contents which were created by “lecture contents auto creation system”, which is introduced in this school. show the examples of lecture contents created by this shows the outline of the system which creates lecture contents automatically. The output of the PC in the classroom, teacher’s PC and document camera is RGB signal.On the other hand, when the devices such as the camera which films teacher and students.

This method can unity all output signal into RGB signals. Owing to this method, the system can correspond to multiple needs of creating contents by the teacher. United RGB signals of each video source are sent to the device which is connected to screen. Then the teacher can connect some screens with video source and patterns of the screen are combined. The sounds from teacher’s microphone, PC and AV devices are controlledits volume. The sound signals which are outputted fromcombined video signals and digital mixer are united atthe multiscan converter, and are created as a lecture contents.

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