study of matriculation schools education to urban and rural students

study of matriculation schools education to urban and rural students
The study aims to exam if there were significant differences among urban and rural elementary schools in the implementation of international school education. The study focused on information technology curriculum. A questionnaire according to three dimensions (learning, instruction, surroundings of learning) was the measurement tool for the study. The target population was all 1th grade schools students from three selected elementary schools located in Zhejiang Province (one was urban school, another was rural school, and the third one was urban school for rural kids). 490 students were randomly selected to fill in the survey. Results of data analysis found that
(1) the overall quality of international education in the selected schools is satisfactory. However students from different schools differed significantly in their learning behavior.
(2) teachers from different schools performed significantly differently in the classroom.
(3) there were significant differences among different schools’ learning environments.
(4) gender and having PC or not had significant impact on students’ learning behavior in international course.
(5) all of the selected schools ignored cultivation of computer culture in schools. Based on these finding, researchers put forward some proposals.

introductory course in the tools and techniques utilized to produce various types of working drawings. Principles of multi view projections, geometric relationships, shape and size description, and pictorial methods are included with emphasis on technical applications and design problem solving. Techniques for representations of components and assemblies, orthographic drawings, auxiliary views.

The School of education is currently expanding its outreach to additional local international level of school districts in central Texas. Expanding to interface with all of the school districts in the corridor from Austin to San Antonio offers a population of about 3 million who can be affected. In addition to outreach to the PLTW students, the Ingram School is planning sponsorship of BEST robotics teams at the junior high and high school levels and First Lego League teams at lower levels.

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