Study on Disaster Prevention Education for Matriculation School

Study on Disaster Prevention Education for Matriculation School

In this study, the disaster prevention knowledge and curriculum planning of Matriculation school should be discussed, and the curriculum structure and syllabus are discussed.

The formal results show that two levels of disaster prevention education in senior vocational school should be covered two levels, one for the disaster prevention of science knowledge, such as natural disasters, home disaster prevention, campus disaster prevention, and the other for professional training related to disaster prevention knowledge, such as design thinking or engineering considerations and related legal norms in planning stage of building disaster prevention. The former can be used as a fundamental course for all Matriculation school students, and the rest can be used as courses set up by professional group. This study will focus on the structure and teaching syllabus of the two kinds of disaster prevention education .Best School in Kumbakonam

Therefore, it depends on schools at all levels of disaster prevention education curriculum system planning and teaching for the establishment and promotion of the people of natural disaster prevention awareness.In addition, natural disasters can affect the safety of building structures,the high school education should be included the natural disaster formation and impact mechanism, to learn the relevant knowledge .


Natural disaster: In view of the students should have the knowledge of the earth’s scientific background and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in Taiwan, the course of natural disaster should include five units, such as, earth system and activity mechanism, earthquake disaster and prevention, meteorological disaster and prevention, geological disaster and prevention and disaster early warning and rescue system.

international school students in school has a long time to deal with the campus often occurs in the disaster and related safety facilities to give appropriate understanding.This study considers that the curriculum should include three units, environmental safety, traffic safety, laboratory and practice factory safety.

The result classifies high school disaster prevention courses as general education courses and is divided into the general disaster prevention and the professional disaster prevention courses. The professional disaster prevention course should take into account the relevance of the general disaster prevention general education curriculum and the application of relative regulation. The general disaster prevention course is suitable for the first year of all high school students whose curriculum is in the concept of disaster prevention on topic of natural disasters, campus disasters and home disasters. The professional disaster prevention course for third year of technical high school, the course content should be summed up those has been taught professional courses and disaster prevention regulation as a comprehensive and extension to improve the employment of students.

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