Study on Sensing and Monitoring of Sewing Machine for Textile Stream Smart Manufacturing Innovation

Study on Sensing and Monitoring of Sewing Machine for Textile Stream Smart Manufacturing Innovation

Among the processes for making final products using fibers, the final process can be called a sewing process. The sewing process generally corresponds to the process that requires the most manpower in the production of textile products. The cost of sewing has gradually increased due to the recent rise in labor costs. The automation of the sewing process and the smart factory are expected to be carried out along with the fourth industrial revolution. In order to make the sewing factories smart, it is essential to apply smart sensing technology to the sewing machines. Also, sewing Process In order to grasp real-time situation, a system to monitor the status of each machine is needed.

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This study can be regarded as a part of technology development for automation and unmanned sewing process for final CPS(cyber-physical system) implementation. Three techniques have been developed in the sewing machine modification technology to assist the smarting and sewing process of the sewing machine. Three kinds of developed technology are a bobbin remaining amount detecting technique, stitch length control, and monitoring techniques. As a result of step-by-step technology development to realize CPS finally, it is a partial technology development of automation through some modification of sewing machine. The developed technology is expected to be used as a technology for future smart sewing automation plant construction.

The smart factory is a futuristic production paradigm that transforms ICT(Information and communication technology) into a new smart/green/urban production system by integrating the existing traditional industrial production system.[1-2] Industry 4.0 proposed by DFKI, is defined as the 4th industrial revolution based on Internet-of-Things(IoT), cyber-physical systems(CPS), and Internet-of-Services(IoS). [3-6] In the textile industry, the smart factory is a factory based on the CPS that incorporates ICT and IoT technology into the existing production system.[7-8] In order to build a smart factory between textile and apparel streams, the connectivity of the CPS should be strengthened.

This study focuses on the construction of a CPS system to realize a smart factory by deriving three representative processes (fabric, dyeing, sewing) among textile streams. Figure 1 shows the data flow of CPS based inter-stream smart manufacturing system. The rectangle marked with read lines represents the part for detecting and controlling the sewer data for the smart of the sewing process which is the core of this research.

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