Teachers Presenting Mathematical to school students

Teachers Presenting Mathematical to school students

Opportunities continue to grow for science students to search the web for mathematical terms used in lectures. However, it is not easy to obtain sets of web documents that are unified and closely related to each other. In this paper, we propose a system that obtains suitable sets of web pages. First, we adopt a syllabus that represents a lecture and use it as input data. Then our system presents sets of mathematical web pages related to the input syllabus. The system also includes a mathematical dictionary, language processing algorithms, stop lists, and ranking algorithms. We describe how it searches for useful sets of web pages and presents them to users. We also show the results of two experiments. The first determined the most suitable values of the system’s parameters.

When students study mathematical terms to understand lectures, web pages can provide very useful information. However, problems exist. When we enter only one keyword into a search engine, it can probably recommend useful web pages. Matriculation School in Kumbakonam However, when we want to obtain search results for a set of keywords, obtaining suitable results is not easy. First, as a consequence of a keyword search with a single word, combined web pages are not understandable, because they have various styles or levels of difficulty. Second, some of these keywords are queried by linking with “and”, the number of combinations quickly explodes.


We propose a system to solve these problems by focusing on syllabi as representations of lectures. Our system output ten sets of web pages related to an input syllabus. The sets of web pages include as many mathematical terms in the lecture as possible.

We developed a mathematical dictionary by extracting mathematical terms, as mentioned .


The system extracts nouns from a syllabus and makes a syllabus word set. Then it extracts the mathematical terms by matching the syllabus word set and the mathematical dictionary.

This paper presented mathematical web pages relevant to lecture to students. A syllabus was adopted as representing a lecture. Using syllabi as input data, we developed a system that provided sets of mathematical as output data. We experimentally decided two parameters to run this system effectively. We conducted another experiment to evaluate the relevance between the input syllabi and the output web pages. The input data were actual syllabi from our university, and the output data were the top 10 sets of web pages for each syllabus. Subjects evaluated their relevance and the results were basically positive.


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