The Neglected perfections in Knowledge Transferring of Matriculation School Education

The Neglected perfections in Knowledge Transferring of Matriculation School Education

With the development of students education and the evolution of the characteristics of the requirement to engineering graduates with high quality from entire society, the engineering education in University and college is concerned extensively and deeply by researchers of academic institutes and executives from enterprises at present. Based on the perspective of knowledge management in high school educating, the author inspected the process of knowledge transferring in today education. The analysis was focused on the processes of knowledge transmission and students psila knowledge acquisition, which are opposed and inter depended to each other at the same time, the typical imperfections in the process of knowledge transfer but always been neglected in today psilas university engineering education were identified, and some responding measures were proposed, which is based on the author psilas long term teaching practice .School in Kumbakonam

Today, the educating and synthesis cultivating of universities and engineering colleges are faced with great opportunity to develop. In one hand, with the globalization of business process and the increasing of interaction and dependence inter organizations, more and more companies in developed countries such as US, UK, German, and Japan transferring their business process to countries in Asia such as China, India, Indonesia through offshore outsourcing. And it bring historic chance to the development of engineering and technology area in China, which in turn, provides favorable backgrounds and the tremendous development space to the teaching and training of professionals in universities and colleges.


The numbers of students enrolled annually and teachers teaching in school. Secondly, the speed of enterprises’ absorbing and employing new knowledge is more and more fast. But the ability of leaning, adapting of the engineering students have graduated seems not meet the requirement of enterprises’ well. At present, under intense competition, more and more companies expect the graduate participate in the specific process of production or operation quickly, and studies, introduces or even promotes the newest techniques and ideas of relative field or industry and improves companies’ operation efficiency. But on the other hand, for young graduated engineers, it needs some time to learn and be familiar with the specific business of companies’ and the length of the time is depending on their ability of learning and practicing. It is convinced by realities that there exist gaps between the requirements from enterprises and the principal of high school in engineering student’s teaching and training, and the following phenomena are companies think today’s young graduated engineers are not as good as the previous and young graduates think the pressures and strength from current job are out of their abiding [5][6]. Therefore, the cultivating of learning ability to engineering student has been a question needed to be concerned deeply for faculties of Matriculation school.

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