Online Movie Ticket Booking Project App

Design of Theater-booking System Based on Mobile Devices

Brieflyintroduce the methods and technologies that used in Mobile E-Commerce. In this paper, a Theater-booking system which is built on mobile devices is provided and put into service. In this system, mobile client application is developed based on .NET Mobile. The storage of showroom seating capacity and the alternating seat-picking with users are realized by Mobile SVG. With Ajax technology to achieve the dynamic updated data. Practice has proved that the Mobile Theater-booking system is more flexible, more convenient, anytime and anywhere than other booking systems.

Online Movie Ticket Booking Project App

With the proliferation of mobile terminals and advances in technology, more customers are accessing the Internet or doing electronic commerce through their mobile devices. Mobile E-Commerce, popularly known as M-Commerce, is the process of buying and selling of goods and services through mobile devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other potable devices. M-Commerce cannot be completely portrayed as a logical extension of E-Commerce .Compared with the traditional E-Commerce, M-Commerce has some advantages such as immediate, flexible, convenient, etc, so it allows users to customize services to suit one’s needs and preferences without the limitation of time and location and communication equipments. With the continuous improvement of intelligence of mobile terminals, Mobile Shopping, Mobile Location and Mobile Television are being paid more and more attention of the human society. With the improvement of people’s material conditions, people have higher demands for spiritual life quality. Without doubt, the movie theater is one of the top choices to enjoy “soul food”. It is urgently to improve the theater-booking more graphical and convenient. At present, most theaters adopt booking tickets by phone or booking tickets online. In this paper, a new mobile theater-booking system is provided. With the mobile devices, users can browse movie clips and read comments and then customize tickets at the neighborhood movie theater. Mobile theater-booking system is more flexible and convenient than the other methods.

Compared with booking tickets by phone or booking tickets online, what follow is some advantages of the mobile theatre-booking system. xMake full use of the advantages of mobile devices, users can book ticket anywhere at any time. xAfter Mobile SVG is adopted, the image of system can be suitable for the viewing screen of mobile devices with any size. xWith Ajax, the system could refresh data periodically. It’s better to solve the time delay of mobile network. Because the technologies in the system are evolving at present, there are several key problems that need further studies. First, along with rising volume of cinema business and the increasing demand of users, compressing more SVG files and increasing the display speed of SVG should still be improved. Second, further development of the browser refresh rate is needed. Reduce the transfer delay and conflict as far as possible. The mobile theatre-booking system gives full play to the merit of anytime, anywhere, portable, easy operation, convenient and popular. It can be spread to service trade as mobile reservation and mobile restaurant reservation and so on. It can also further accelerate the speed of networking and simplify of these industries. Click Here

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