Driver’s license online

The first activity of the app is a splash screen that does background initialization of other activities. After the splash screen timeout of 5000ms, the second activity is a login activity, which gets cop credentials, and checks validity, which checks for empty fields, combination of alphanumeric for username and password. Then the main activity asks for the alphanumeric DL number or pre-registered mobile number of the driver, which is validated, and if fields are empty, it returns a toast message alerting the cop.

Validation is done by checking the DL number for alphabets for first two characters and rest for numbers for a total of 15 characters. The mobile number is checked for 10-digit number starting with 9, 8 or 7. Then it is verified with remote database. If the response is null, then a “no record found” toast is displayed. Alternatively, the credentials invalid toast is returned if invalid response is received. For the correct details, the user photo and details are returned asJSON strings which is used in the app to display it in activity. This contains all the driver details, which is available in the physical license. Punishment is viewed or added in the digital license mv app.

The cop can add up to a maximum of 3 punishments or view the punishments if any. While adding a punishment an alert message is flashed and cop is asked for confirmation, as there is no reverting mechanism after adding. Once the cop adds the punishment through the app, the data and cop id is imprinted on the punishment data string so that the driver if any can use it in legal context. In order to ensure security and for future references, a stamp of logged in cop’s number is stored along with the punishment added. As explained, only punishment part is writing data to database server, where other activities are used for retrieving license details. Inside Digital License mv app, punishments are retrieved and displayed in text fields which are enabled only if there is no punishment for that field. This ensures that previous punishment is not overridden through the app.

In the above sample, the license holder has been charged with one punishment which is displayed in the text field. As seen, empty punishment fields are active and enabled to accept input. But existing cannot be changed and hence it is disabled. Details regarding the cop who added the punishment are not shown in the app to enhance simplicity. Those details can be viewed through website designed to access the database. With the same database, which the app is using, a website is built in order to add/view/modify/delete records. This will help in registering new drivers, new traffic cops, altering driver details, etc. Between the registration webpage and actual database, there exists a temporary database to hold records. Only after verification is over, the records are added to the actual database. If a particular row of records has failed in verification, none of its values are passed to the app’s database.

The number of driver’s license frauds and forgeries can be reduced or completely eliminated with the help digital License mv App. The driver’s license is very crucial and important in order to drive motor vehicles on public roads. It is more to forget license at home or workplace, or pretend to forgetting license at home to escape from Cops. Driver’s license scams cannot be identified when it is done for smaller reasons like applying for SIM cards. Digital License mv App is simple and powerful to manage and access license details of all users digitally and securely. By providing license details database reference to organizations, organization people can verify the authenticity of applicant with ease. Digital Vehicle – License, Insurance And RC Book Tracing For Police It will be trusted source and effective when RTO department adopts this system to provide service across many places. Digital License mv is a light-weight app and does not incur much data charges as only textual data are retrieved across network.