The design of webpage should be Internet-useroriented. The key factor of a successful webpage design lies in that the designer can find out counterparts ofproducts in the real world. Another important factor of a successful-designed web page is that the designer can represent the products by a combination of harmonious and inducing colors, images and characters. The pluralistic society nowadays brings about individual aesthetic need. A unique and individualized emotional design ofa web page can impress Internet users deeply, initiate Internet users to click promptly and contribute to the establishment of social image and mutual communication service via a website. This thesis mainly deals with color emotion, image emotion and character sign emotion in webpage design. Through a typical example ofa webpage design in a website, the aesthetics and application of visual signs of a web page is discussed. The emotional design of colors, images, and character signs of a web page are studied.

A website, full ofindividuality and emotion, is the window which can carry out the communication with the browsers. A webpage is the fundamental element of a website, which consists of colors, images and character signs. All of these elements can convey emotion to the browsers, while colors are the most important because people are sensitive to colors. When an Internet-user browses the webpage for the first time, the colors will first catch his attention, then the images, and character signs the last.

Examples of the webpage emotional design

The user-oriented design conception is the core of webpage design and an excellent web design ought to best serve and echo its theme. The successful design of a webpage lies in whether the designer can find out the form sign making the work and the real world produce resonance, and bring out harmonious combination pleasing to the eyes.

In the process of a webpage design, the designer needs to think that the website content, impacts of key elements over consumers’ emotion such as color, image, characters, etc., making every key elements able to unite harmoniously and deliver emotion. The emotional design of a webpage transmits and gains the emotional resonance between the web and browsers through colors, images, character signs, etc.. However, certainty and uncertainty co-exit in the emotional convey on account of the grasp the depth of emotion of the audience’s feelings, rather than the expression of personal feelings.

What the designer throws into is enthusiasm and creation instead of bringing the personal subjective emotion into the design. The web designer is required to analyze the users’ emotional needs and better understand them, perform the theme best and convey it to the users vividly according to the vision psychological rule and form, then making the theme understood and accepted instantly in the proper environment to satisfy people’s pragmatism and needs, which requires the vision design to be pure, simple, clear and precise. Meanwhile, besides emphasizing arts, the designer should highlight the theme by showing the unique style and strong visual impact. The website ofJiu San Society has been designed in order to put the study of webpage emotional design into practice.

The web address is as follows, which has been put into practice. Figure 1 is the front page of the website designed for the Yangzhou Jiu San Society. The main color ofthis webpage is the Chinese typical red, which stands for happiness. In the down part ofthe webpage, the color pink, which is the color of peony, a flower stands for richness and beauty, is used as its background. In the middle part of the webpage, bold characters have been used to stand for celebration. When a browser clicks this web address, the red curtains will be pulled apart after a six seconds’ picture for celebration.

The front page design ofthe Website for Yangzhou Jiu San Society. When starting designing the web, the background ofJiu San Society has been taken into account: Yangzhou is a beautiful city with a long cultural history, quiet and delicate. In the poem In memory of Yangzhou, the poet Xu Ning, Tang Dynasty, praised Yangzhou with ‘the world has three distinct moonlight, two thirds of which is owned by Yangzhou. Since then, this poem has been widely spread, so Yangzhou has been described as ‘the Moon City’. Jiu San Society, a scientific and technical community, mainly made up of middle-ranked intellectuals, characterizing political alliance. It is a Participating Party, under the leadership ofthe Communist Party of China, keeping close cooperation with the Communist Party of China, and devoting to building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The host page design is based on the above-mentioned background. The dominant color on this webpage is comparatively implicit and quiet aquamarine blue, highlighting harmonious and cultural atmosphere. Aquamarine blue symbolize broadness and connotation, giving people the impression of psychological highness, far-reaching, the immensity and wisdom. The photos ofthe Slender West Lake in the most beautiful scenic was chosen as the background after editing, with a big round falling moon and the rising sun to show the arrival of a new day and express feelings of hope. Using a weak color contrast makes the screen soft, calm, and stable.

A large area of water comes to a kind of artistic conception. In the word processing, the words “Yangzhou Jiu San Society” has applied small seal character style, among which the two characters ‘Yangzhou’ adopted red to lay stress on their local features, and ‘Jiu San Society’ has applied black expressing the solid, thick and heavy feelings, and showing the Confucian School style. The tenet of Jiu San Society, ‘Democracy and Science’, applied the large yellow and dynamic style, bringing vividness to the whole of static image and drawing the users’ attention. In the lower right corner, a red seal of Jiu San Society, the partial red appearing in the indicating color aquamarine blue, functioned as emphasis and activated the atmosphere ofthis webpage.

The dynamic white lucky clouds in the sky express the peace and calmness conception. Parts of the picture adopt blank, which is a kind of design art. The blank means to set up a bridge between visual graphs and characters, which brings a kind of vacant feeling and inspires the users’ imagination. The editing of the images achieves a good effect, making the whole page concise, unique and unforgettable. When designing the secondary pages of a website, the differences among columns are taken into consideration. Every secondary webpage presents a beautiful scene of Yangzhou, highlighting the Yangzhou features.

The secondary webpage for social service association column. Presented in the form of a bookmarker, the image adopted the color white to symbolize grace, harmony and uprightness of Jiu San Society. The symbolized building, the white pagoda, one of the famous sights in Yangzhou also appears on one page.

The city flower of Yangzhou, rare flower, whose purity and grace stands for high quality of Jiu San Society members, appears on this page. The carps below the white rare flowers add vigor and vitality to this page.