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Multi-Platform College Management Framework

Abstract—This project aims at digitizing and thus alleviating the amount of work that is put in managing all the records by a college or university. Multi-Platform College Management Framework (MP-CMF) facilitates the users with an online paper checking module, an attendance module and a digital notice board. Along with this, it further succors in maintaining and updating student’s data with minimal human efforts. This systemthereby reduces data redundancy and prevent data inconsistency. An API is also available with the system which makes it a multiplatform entity. The distinctive features of the proposed system are as follows: 1) Online paper correction: The answer booklets, uploaded by the staff to each professors’ account, can be corrected by the professors online, without physically being within the university boundaries. 2) Application Programming Interface: The API of the online paper correction module is available with the system for the user. This is given so as the system might be developed further. 3) Digital Notice Board: An online notice board that will display all the notes, notices and assignments that are relevant to the user. 4) College Management Framework: A system that will replace the manual system in colleges and universities Keywords—Online paper correction, Online Attendance, Digital Notice board, College Management, API based system.


We are amidst the next wave of digital data; Information today is readily available on handheld devices. Gone are the days when colleges used various registers to manage data. This method generated enormous amounts of data which had to be stored and processed manually; this had a severe impact on the efficiency of the whole system. MP-CMF is web-based application that tries to overcome these drawbacks. It does so by digitizing the records [1] that were previously entered manually and storing them in the system. The highlight of MP-CMF is online paper correction module wherein all the descriptive answer booklets are scanned and sent to the respective professors. These answer booklets can be evaluated online by the professors. The answer booklets are shown with On Screen Marking system powered by JavaScript [5].