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Online Shopping Satisfaction in Malaysia: A Framework for Security, Trust and Cybercrime

Customer satisfaction plays very important role in online shopping. There is always a drought on what actually drives the customer satisfaction in online shopping. Many studies have been done to understand the customer satisfaction in online shopping, however, as of now, there is no study found that have exactly define the user satisfaction through trust and security. These are the two factors that have been identified as a major barrier in customer’s satisfaction in online shopping, especially in the business to consumer B2C e-commerce mode. We also consider the cybercrime as another major barrier to achieve the customer satisfaction in online shopping. Although numerous studies have been conducted which related to the area, there is no satisfactory solution for trust and security in online shopping has been attained, therefore, in order to address this issue, we proposed a research framework that emphasize on trust and security mechanisms to achieve customer’s satisfaction. We also show the negative impact of cybercrime on customer trust and satisfaction.

In this paper we present the framework that has been designed based on five essential current issues to achieve customer satisfaction in online shopping, which directly impacted the customer’s trust. The essential current issues namely are financial security, personal security, system security, privacy and cybercrime.

Online Shopping E-Commerce Android App Project

The Internet is a utilitarian tool for disseminating information to customers due to its flexibility, open, informal and synergistic [1], [2]. As the use of internet increase it introduce many new ways to interact with world. One of the major contribution of internet is online shopping. Nowadays, shopping can be done through very easy and in joy able way. Just having access of internet, one can easily be jump from household product to fashion accessories to electronic in few clicks as they are doing physical shopping. What is more exciting is that, this can be served across the globe at whatever time. The internet has become the world’s largest marketplace for business-to-consumers (B2C) and has change the traditional way of selling and purchasing the goods and services. As of now, it has become very easy and convenient way to do shopping and one can have wide range of desired products available at one place, online shopping customer can have chance to do comparison between many online shopping websites to achieve the best and reasonable product. Code Shoppy

Online shopping is the process of selling and purchasing goods and services by using the internet [3]. Online shopping allows the customer to directly search and buy the products through online stores [4]. Companies wants to sell more and more products; through online shopping they can reach to maximum number of customers [5]. According to ASEAN up (2014) there is 66% Malaysian population are using internet and 91% online users are doing online shopping 37% consider that it is not secure. The main issue related to online shopping security were financial details stole by cyber-criminals and failing to fraud (58%). Another issue reported was to share the credit card details with a website visited first (23%) [6]. ASEAN UP 2015 also reported that the main cause which prevents the Malaysian to shop online includes that majority of people thought that online shopping is not secure and they do not trust the sellers [7]. This can be the main factor affecting Malaysian online customer’s satisfaction. Customer satisfaction plays very important role in online shopping and trust, security and cybercrime have been identified as a major barrier in that issue. Although it is becoming important part of life for Malaysian and supposed to provide convenient way to do shopping, they enjoy doing shopping online, most frequent purchased items are shown in Fig 2, but in Malaysian are still not ready to adopt it completely as they have doubts on the website trust and security when they do the online shopping [8]. In order to assure that ultimate effect of customer satisfaction, this research has emphasized on trust, security and cybercrime.

This study will employ a combination of quantitative and qualitative approach to calculate the trust and customer satisfaction. Most of the previous research has been conducted through quantitate approaches. Therefore, this study will fill the gap in methodology to employ the mix methods. In addition, both qualitative and quantitate data is thought to contribute to more robust results [36].

Data collection for the proposed model will be done through expert interview and questionnaire. The quantitative research questionnaire will be made by using seven-point Likert type scale, starting from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (7). Data for proposed model will be collected from Post Graduate students of public universities in Klang valley Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and for qualitative data we will conduct the interviews from experts, e-commerce law related persons and the technical staff at online shopping websites.

This is the preliminary stage of study. After going through collection of studies, articles, books and journals we analyzed the various aspects of online shopping and customer satisfaction. In our literature review we found that trust is the major issue in online shopping and it can be achieved if there is security and privacy. We also come to know that cybercrime have negative impact on customer satisfaction as well as trust, therefore on the basis of our findings we proposed the framework to calculate the online shopping customer satisfaction in Malaysia