A Students’ Scores-recording System Based on SL4A

Using AS R technology to input students ‘ scores is very important to improve work efficiency. AS R systems usually have a pro blem of many candidate words and a user needs to pick a candidate word from the candidate words, this brings trouble to the user. To solve this problem, this paper discusses development of a students’ scores-recording system based on S L4A technology. This paper first makes a deep study of the S L4A architecture and the technology of TTS and AS R, then gives the system’ analysis and de si gn, and fi nal l y uses the PHP scri pt to de ve l op the syste m. The practice shows that the system can avoid the problem of many candidate words, and can effectively input scores, and has the advantages of fast development and good scalability.

Major courses, pre-job training and post practice are the main subjects of study in high vocational colleges, and the subjects’ scores are important evaluation methods to evaluate students’ quality. Manual input mode, electronic input mode and speech input mode are common methods to input scores. https://codeshoppy.com/android-projects-titles-ieee.html Manual input mode has the disadvantages of low efficiency and poor security.In order to solve the problems of manual input mode, many scientists and technicians have made extensive research on electronic input and voice input. Cheng[1] et al developed a set of touching experiment score input system based on STM32 chip. The system is composed of a upper system and a lowe r system. W ith the system, teachers can input experimental results in real time by touching. Because of the wide range of scores and the limitations of touch interaction, the quantity of score option provided by the system will be very many, and the system provides many steps to interact with the user. Such user e xperience is not very good. Li et a l[2] developed an experimental report score input system based on USB camera. The system first scans the designed experiment report into digital images, then converts the digital images into black-and-white images, and then recognizes scores from the black-and-white images, and finally stores the scores in database. The advantage of this system is that it can make use of low-cost equipment to input scores, but the deficiency is only applicable to specific experimental report papers, which limits the scope of application. Liu Yun[3] designed a score entry and analysis system based on Excel. The system provides score legitimacy prompts and can effectively input scores, but there are no false hints when adjacent scores are confused. Li Yangand others[4] invented and disclosed a method and a system to input scores based on speech technique. By means of speech recognition technology, the system can efficiently input scores. But the problem of a voice corresponding to more than one word will cause low recognition rate and bring trouble to users. In order to solve the above problems effectively, a decentralized sound score-inputting system based on SL4A [5][6] and PHP scripting language is developed.

The system has passed the function test in a HM 4 phone which has SL4A software and iFLYTEK software on ASR and speech and in a PC computer which has PHPExcel 1.8 and PHP 5.2.14. A diagram on students’ achievement are shown in Fig.4. It shows that the diagram consists of a score table without grades and a score table with grades . Fig.4(a) is the score table without grades and Fig.4(b) is the score table with grades. The tables include the four fields of student’ name, peacetime score, final score and total score. In Fig.4, the system first reads name of a student named Jackson, and then a teacher reads “60 marks 90 marks” in the order of peacetime score, final score, and then the system identifies and extracts integers “60” and “90”, and finally the system calculates an average of 75 and stores the three integers in database. This is the workflow to input a student’s achievement. The work to input other students’ achievement repeats the workflow.The system integrates PHP and TTS and ASR technologies based on SL4A. It reduces the difficulty of the system and improves the progress of the development of the system. The system reconstructs the workflow of the grades entering business. The workflow of the business consists of two sub processes. One is the grades entering prompt sub process, and the other is the grades entering sub process. The previous process can effectively remind teachers to input scores. The latter process standardizes the speech of students’ achievement, and specifies that only integers can be entered, thus avoiding the problem of many candidate words.

This paper discusses SL4A on speech technology and its application in the score-input system. In this paper, the system can customize a primary key and other fields on score. It can be applied not only in assessment of major courses, pre-job training and post practice of colleges and universities, but also in evaluation of teachers’ curriculu m behavior and teachers’ mo ra lit y et al. These indicate the system’s substantial value and broad prospects. The shortcoming of the system is that it receives only digital speech and it is necessary to input name of students being examined and name of score items. The next step is to receive non digital speech. Download Link