App based Biometric online voting sys-tem,

Proposed system is App based Biometric online voting sys-tem, which determines whether a particular person is eligiblefor casting vote by authenticating his/her finger print. Voterdetails are retrieved from the Aadhar Database and verified.Detail about the casted vote is updated to the respectiveDatabase.

•User block – In this block GUI will be provided for usersto cast their votes. GUI is very simple and easy to use.•Authentication Block – In this block users’ Finger Printwill be validated. This block plays an important role inidentifying individuals with their unique identification.•Computational Block – In this block it has all details aboutcandidates of particular locality who have casted theirvote and will be reflected to its respective database andresult will be computed.•GUI for Result display – This block provides an interac-tive GUI for displaying the final Result.Aadhar Enabled Smart Voting System by a Mobile appli-cation is an advancement in voting system. Once the electioncommissioner starts election process finger print is scannedit is verified with the Aadhar details of the voter. If thenecessary predefined constraints (age is greater than or equalto 18) for voting are met the voter is directed to GUI. ThisGUI containins details of candidates who are all contestingfor the election. Voter can cast their votes in this GUI.Wecan provide an easy symbol based GUI where candidatescan be differentiated based on political party symbols. Thiseven helps illiterates to participate actively in election process.The casted votes will be reflected to the respective data baseelse the process of voting terminates as the voter has notmet his/her eligibility criteria. Voters will be notified whenelections are scheduled and they will be informed for theirsuccessful voting.Election commissioner has a special permission to enterdetails of candidates by validating his/her fingerprint andhe/she has an authority to decide the date and time of election.Vote casted prior and after the election timings will not bereflected. For casted votes privacy can be preserved usingend-to-end(E2E) encryption technology. Huge data generatedis stored using cloud storage technology. Cloud storage is themost trusted storage method till date for handling large data. Incloud storage atleast three copies of each piece of data will bestored in different remote location. Probablity of losing datais very less. Authorized person who have login credentialscan only access those data. This preserves data privacy andsecurity. Count of casted votes will automatically updated inthe database. Election commissioner will announce results atthe end of the day.Fig .2 precisely explains the app-based election process byauthenticating his/her Aadhar details and fulfilling the criteriaage greater than or equal to Softwares and Hardwares required For the Implementation•Android Studio- It is the most popular, official and opensource platform for creating applications for all androidplatforms. By using Android Studio Software we will beable to develop the User interfaces for both Voters andElection Authority.•MySql- It is a popular Software for Relational Databasemanagement systems. We are creating common Databaseusing MySql which will be used by voters to cast theirvotes and for Election commission to declare namesof all candidates who are all participating in electionprocess. Once voter is verified his vote will be updated torespective Database of the constituency which predefinedwhile creating the Database. Once after the Vote is Castedthe count will be updated for a particular candidate.•Aadhar API-It enables identification of Aadhar holderusing biometric. This technology is already used in e-KYC(Know Your Costmer) which is currently used for activating SIM cards. It eases the process of retrival ofvoters details.•Mobile phone- Voter requires a Mobile phone with inbuiltFingerprint scanner, hence voter can authenticate hisAadhar details.Fig .3 precisely depicts functionality of the election authorityby verifying his/her finger print and starting election Proecess


The proposed system can be used at various levels of publicelections in our country. This system can be used even in thecommittee board election.


The proposed system requires a stable internet connection,but there are many rural areas in India where there is nonetwork at all. This system requires a smart phone withinbuilt fingerprint scanner. This Voting system is mainlyAadhar based, but few citizen donot possess their Aadharenrolment.As we are dealing with the huge amount of data, wemust have to ensure that Data stored cant be hacked or hijackedby anyone. There are still few illiterates in our country; theymay face difficulties by the advancement of the voting system.VI. FUTUREWORKWe are developing an android application, which providesAadhar based smart voting system. This system can be testedconsidering a small group. Initially the mock elections canbe conducted just like booth elections for demonstrationpurpose, In order to create awareness among rural peoplesand illiterates.


Proposed system provides best possible solution to problemsassociated with the Indian voting system. Since this systeminclude Biometric Authentication, it ensures that vote cant becasted by unauthorized persons. This system allows votersto cast their votes remotely which helps senior citizens,disabled, patients and migrants which intern increases votingpercentage. Since it is app-based it is free from illegal access.This system is free from human intervention votes cannot bemanipulated. Even if anyone in a family is having a smartphone with inbuilt fingerprint sensor whole family can casttheir votes. This system is cost effective and it also reducestime and effort of voters and election commission. This systemwill make India to have sophisticated and transparent votingsystem in the world