Car Rental (E- cab)Management System using with Csharp

Car rental management system is an application that computerizes the conventional car sale procedure which we are aware of. This is a windows based application. This helps in managing data related to buyers and sellers of the cars. Business reports can also be generated and viewed.Car rental management system that provides a car selling platform for user to view and manage car sales online using this system. The car sales system mini project consists of innovative platform that is built for users to view car details as well as search sort as per criteria. It allows admin to log information related to transactions using an Sql database. Car Rental Management System / Online Cab System Car rental agencies primarily serve people who have a car that is temporarily out Of reach or out of service, for example travelers who are out of town or owners ofdamaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation.

Existing System

In the existing system all the transactions are done in offline mode. The response is very slow and it is tough to retrieve particular data. Online data capture and modification is unavailable. The records that are maintained in MS Excel cannot be shared easily in multi user environment. Lack of security grants access to anyone which may lead to data misuse. These are the limitations of existing system.


1        Visual effect of product during manually purchasing the product is different from viewing the product in your device.

2        It is difficult to maintain the car information individually and to supply for the customers who are eager to buy them.

3        Customer has to face difficulty in order to know the information of car like manufacturing year, car model and other valuable information in a single domain.

4        Our main idea is to develop a system where we can have all the required information for the user in order to effectively interest him in the process of buying a car.

Proposed System

The proposed Car Sales System application completely automates the existing system. It handles the new and used vehicles inventory, Front end customer booking and billing. Every detail of a vehicle like manufacturer name, date of purchase, Kilometers ran (in case of used vehicles), price, model are recorded. This window based application is designed with user friendly computerized system with which a particular data can be retrieved with ease.


  • Reduce time for finding location
  • User Friendly GUI
  • This system is effective and provides best of the cost to user
  • Save Time In Communication
  • Efficiently Manage Multiple Event