Digitized Exam Paper Evaluation

Abstract: At the present time evaluating an exam papers and declaring end result in a restricted period of time is a difficult task for educational schools, colleges, institutions, departments and Universities. Thus manual exam paper correction becomes more difficult and many fraudulent activities are happened today. To make it easier and more accurate the proposed aim is to develop a software for automatic exam paper evaluation and grading system, the system works by scanning the handwritten written exam papers then the scanned image be improved into an editable text using OCR tool and the evaluation will perform by matching the key terms which is maintained in the template. It is entirely integrated approach upon dissimilar level of knowledge by the method of examination, evaluation, result and formulation of subject papers. In a field of education though teaching, evaluation and the performance method many organizations initiated with the use of advanced technologies. The approach of evaluating the examination papers is evolved although use of computer wherever the utilization of computer is obligatory in every varied techniques for analysis. This paper structured in different patterns such as offline, online and the manual exam paper evaluation with different analysis and techniques. Keywords— OCR; Ontology; Machine Learning; Evaluation System



Nowadays many people exploit images to represent and symbolize information by converting an image into digital form where different operations are performed on it for the extraction of information though the techniques of image processing. The important information that extracted from images is furthermore popular. Image recognition be a vital analysis half for wide applications. Within the comparative pattern recognition field of pc, the one difficult task is actual automatic recognition of individual human handwriting.Even though, the variances do not origin any struggle to human. Yet, but it is further complicated to instruct computers towards recognize wide-ranging handwriting. Intended for image recognition difficulty such since handwritten categorization, it is extremely significant to create away how information or data are represent in images. The information at this point is not the pixels row, but the image features have high intensity representation. The E-evaluation is an innovative idea within the playing field of didactics in which the aim is towards enables automatic evaluation of the exam papers with support of computer recognition system and artificial intelligence, particularly OCR and image perceptive. E-evaluation software that a system enables the automatic evaluation of handwritten examination answer scripts through the examiner upon a computer monitor relatively than analysis of paper document. The e-evaluation system is enhanced for the examination session, since it perform segmentation though the answer scripts into an individual task, and distributes task to the certain examiners, specific in the domain which evaluate the task and then send to the Examination panel and also verify the assessment, gather the statistics and the evaluation result. The computer aid evaluation is an easy task. In form of electronic it simply compares the result to key answers. The scanned answer scripts are processed to recognize the marks. The automatic evaluation task is difficult because of the proper set of solutions would be infinite. The inaccurate answer would be graded with fewer score. The problems may occur during mathematical formula, for this pattern recognition technique is used. The mathematical formula/expression recognition works by individual symbol detection and structural analysis though image segmentation and pattern recognition. And the standard approach acknowledged from OCR for recognition.