Food waste application of Singapore

Tan Jun Yuan who is a food stall hawker from Singapore felt very bad noticing that people waste so much food in every year. He saw many vendors with leftover foods in a day. The quantity was 10 to 15 bowl of pork ribs served including other foods that he served the customers per day. He also saw that more than 35 percent of food he made every day was left as extra. Therefore, he created the application named 11Th Hour. This application provides the left and unused foods at the half of their original price before the restaurants are closed. After the creation of this application, there were almost 20000 downloads of this application [7].

B.Food waste reduction application from Netherlands (NoFoodWasted)

August de Vocht, a citizen of Netherlands developed this application to reduce the amount of food waste. This application makes collaboration with the supermarket so that people can be aware of the foods that will be expired very soon. According to [8], it helps the users to upload their grocery items, which will expire soon so that people who are in need of food can buy them at a reduced price and use them. It helps to stop the wastage of excessive foods. More than 20000 people have found this application useful, and it has reduced the amount of food wastage in the Netherlands.

C.An application to control food waste by UK and Ireland (FoodCloud)

This application has been declared as one of the useful food wastage application in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. This application notifies the supermarkets about their surplus food so that the charitable societies can collect them and reduce the chances of food wastage. This application works as an intermediate that provides the type of foods and arranges the pick-up for the charities. It also collects and stores the food so that the charitable societies can collect the food according to their requirements. According to [9] more than 1200 business hubs and 3000 charitable societies work under this application to provide excess foods to the homeless people.

D.Food wastage Reduction Application from Africa (Cheetah)

Some researchers from the University of Twente have developed this application to reduce the number of food wastages in Africa. It is seen that various fruits and vegetables lose their ability to be consumed due to poor road circumstances, less refrigeration in Africa. This application is created to gather those food items before they get rotten and distribute it to the needy malnutrition people of Africa. Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs helped the researchers in the development of this application. Mostly, farmers, the food transporters use this application, and it also helped them to reduce the chances of food bribing in Africa. It is expected that the public version of this application will be released within May, next year [10].

E.Indian Food Wastage Reduction Application (No Food Waste)

No Food waste is an application from India that allows the restaurants, food stalls and parties to inform about their excessive leftover foods so that needy people can collect them for their usage. This application collects those foods and distributes those among the homeless people, slum dwellers and orphanages as well as nursing homes. According to [11], the users can also notify them by showing hunger points, and they will distribute the foods to there. The only requirement is they take foods only if it is prepared two hours before. These applications have changed the use of artificial intelligence by providing food to the needy people. It is considered one of the best uses of software development. However, food wastage is still a bad habit. According to [12], people need to be more careful while preparing or ordering food because many people around the world do not get to eat. Food wastage reduction has decreased a lot due to the usage of this application, but people need to be more sensitive and careful so that a better world can be created where no food is wasted.


Our study has investigated the problem of food waste that has many serious side effects economically and socially. However, the wastage of the food can be prevented or at least decreased using political rules and technology. Mobile application technology is beneficial for food waste management. The app aims to encourage better food management. Our proposed solution should reduce food wastage by facilitating food sharing in UAE community using mobile technology. This work is an initial step towards designing a better system to reduce daily food waste. In future, this app could be enhanced more by adding the following features: Extending our app to have many types of donating users either from organizations such as restaurants, or a family or a single user Adding the location (GPS) facility to our apps. The donating user should specify the location of the shared food. Adding the time and date of each meal shared by users Making the app supports multiple platforms (cross-platform app)