Gram Sandesh Transmission-A Web Based Information System for Farmers

This paper presents the experimentation done in order to flourish a low price and impressionable information system to provide useful information to farmers in a timely manner so as to assist their decision making process. The primary reason behind development of this system was to automate the flow of information to farmers since agriculture is the backbone of our country. Gram Sandesh Transmission is a web disciplined system which targets all sort of audience by means of its ios application (for iphone users),android application(for android users), messaging server(for basic mobile handset) and gsm based led boards (for those who don’t owe a mobile handset). Farmers are provided with weather related information on daily basis so that necessary decision regarding sowing of seeds, weeding, harvesting, irrigation could be taken. The system warns with any disaster related information so that necessary steps could be taken. Another module of the system deals with providing “Sarkari Mandi Bhaav” (Govt. Market Price) and thus reduces the chances of fraud prices quoted by middleman to farmers.

Agriculture is the fortitude for our country India. A large population of the country depends on farming related activities for their sustenance. However, it is perceived that there is lack of a handy agronomical information system for the end users. Information and data is available but does not reach the end-user on time [1]. Safekeeping this fact into consideration; Gram Sandesh Transmission has been developed so as to facilitate the flow of useful information required for farming [2]. In last few decades the trade of farming has changed rapidly. Code Shoppy Apart from the traditional problems in farming, farmers are now facing competition from global market. They strictly need to adhere quality standards set by World Health Organization to trade in international market. An era has arrived where key to success is accurate, timely information and accurate judgment placed upon it [2], [3]. Present generation predominantly bank on mobile phones for their every work. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) revealed that there are currently more than 933 million mobile subscribers in the year of 2014 in the country. Mobile technology there can be used to pass the information to farmers as almost every village in the country has accessible mobile network towers and large number of registered users [8]. Each family has at least one mobile user. Gram Sandesh Transmission covers all form of mobile users in terms ios, android and basic mobile phones. The hardware implementation of the system targets the audience without the mobile phones by means of GSM based LED boards. The fundamental objective of the research is to bridge the information void that exists presently between the farmers and databases, In order to upgrade the crop fertility by means of an economic and feasible farming advisory system which could advertise the expert knowledge among rural people [4]. A major part of today’s population is youth which relies upon mobile applications (either android or ios) for the information required by them. Hence the system is developed on these platforms. The feasibility study done reveals that system is completely feasible in terms of technical, operation and economical feasibility [5].