Guide for Ecommerce Owners

Today’s era can be described as the era of Smartphone devices, and you shall find that the use of Smartphone devices is constantly on a steep rise. This is why the demand for professional mobile application and website development companies has increased leaps and bounds. A smartphone is nothing with its applications. These applications are developed for different purposes. For example, some applications are developed for entertainment purposes. We can find games, songs, and movies related applications in this regard. Some applications are developed for different tasks, like creating a to-do list, notes, reminders, etc.

Purpose of developing applications could be diverse. Notably, there are different methods to develop these apps too. Different frameworks are there, and choosing the right framework is important for the application developers. A guide to various app development frameworks has been provided in the following section.

Frameworks for Ecommerce Mobile App Design

1. Adobe PhoneGap

At the top of the list, we have Adobe PhoneGap, which is a popular and open-source framework for mobile application development purpose. This is also known as a cross-platform app development framework. Developers can build applications based on languages, like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. In most of the cases, the framework has been used for developing Android-based applications. Some of the notable features of Adobe PhoneGap are discussed below.

  • This framework has multiple OS compatibility.
  • User-friendliness makes the app popular.
  • Extensive architecture is another notable thing about the app.
  • Rapid app testing and development features are available.

2. Ionic

Ionic is another open-source application development framework that has been used for hybrid app development purposes. To use this framework, the developer should have basic as well as advanced knowledge in CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. The best thing about this framework is its user-friendliness. It comes with default UI setting, which saves the time of the developers and also provides excellent convenience. This platform also uses the Cordova plug-in, which is simple to understand and also feature-rich. Overall, this framework is poised with a lot of unique features, and that is why professional mobile games development companies use the framework for the app development purpose.

3. Xamarin

This is another popular application development framework, and it can be used for developing apps for operating systems, like iOS and Android. The framework is based upon the C# coding language, and that is why some developers find it difficult to use. C# is not anymore a common programming language, though it is still not obsolete. So, if you have knowledge in C#, you can surely try developing the applications with a robust platform. Some features of this platform have been mentioned below.

  • Native look and feel of the framework make it comfortable for the developers.
  • It comes with an excellent feature for API integration.
  • Reusable coding is another notable thing about this application development framework.
  • It has a huge community, and member of the community can get much assistance from fellow developers.
  • The framework can be used for developing bug-free apps.

Apart from these three top-rated mobile e-commerce app development frameworks, professional website developer NYC also uses many sorts of application developing platforms or frameworks.

When it comes to mobile application development, it is imperative to find a professional and reliable mobile eCommerce app development service. Developing mobile applications is not a fad these days, as every business needs mobile application development to reach more visitors. If you have an eCommerce website, you should have a mobile application for the eCommerce store. In today’s time, most successful eCommerce brands receive as much as 80% of visitors from the Smartphone device.

So, developing a mobile application for eCommerce is a strategic decision to reach more potential buyers. Not, it is important to understand what makes a mobile application suitable for your business. What are the most important elements of mobile applications for businesses? In the following section, you shall find suitable answers.

Crucial Features for Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Here are some of the most important features that business applications should possess. Knowing them will help the businesses to develop their business applications for cell phones with perfection.

1. User Interface

The most important thing is the user interface, and it should look professional, seamless, attention-grabbing, and simple. When it comes to mobile application development for business, the user interface has been regarded as the most important thing. A good user interface helps an online business to grow. People find it convenient to visit and navigate your eCommerce application when user interface appear professional and powerful.

2. Navigation

Good navigation is essential; otherwise, buyers will face different sorts of issues. Due to the navigation problem, potential buyers would not find the products that they are exactly seeking. It leads to a lot of problems for the buyers. The business will eventually lose its revenue due to this reason. So, navigation is important, and you need to make your application simple to be navigated.

3. Detailed Information

The mobile application for eCommerce should be designed in a manner that features detailed information. If buyers do not get detailed information on products, they will not buy those products.

4. Safety of the App

 Safety is essential for developing mobile apps for eCommerce. Information of buyers should stay completely safe and confidential. Lack of safety of the app will cause business reputation issues. 

5. Frequent Updates and Fixing Bugs

Not just developing or designing the eCommerce application, the businesses have to spend money and invest time in managing as well as maintaining the application. For application maintenance, dedicated team of developers should be there. Ecommerce owners need support from reliable and professional services. The service provider should check feedbacks of the users time to time and recognize the bugs or drawbacks. The app should be improved by recognizing those mistakes.

So, it has to be concluded that creating an application for Smartphone for eCommerce businesses is the need of the house. Every eminent and popular eCommerce brand follows the same thing. They develop applications for multiple OS platforms.