Online Voting System Project Application

As we know in urban areas now a day the voting system is getting most complicated only because of the person’s identity. They only have the voting card as a proof of identification. So there are lots of chances of fake voting. To avoid this we are developing this project which will store the identity of the voters using android mobile through facial recognition systems. This system will capture photo of the voters and match with the existing faces in the stored database. After the confirmation of valid photo detected, the OTP (One- Time Password) is generated and send to the voters registered mobile number. Then the voter is validated and he is allowed to do the voting. This is very fast and helpful technique to do the verification of the voters. This will also reduce voter’s time to stand in queue for doing vote.

Existing System

The whole election process is divided into many parts. So providing security to them is also necessary. So it needs a lot of man power, therefore it is quite difficult to manage it. Here Election commission provides the polls. These polls will be arranged in school or in halls. Existing systems contains certain  drawbacks as chances of the violence, damage of machineries,  dummy votes etc [2]. So to avoid these drawbacks this paper  implements a new technique as Android Mobile based Voting System through photo Recognition [3]. There are also so  many other techniques such as finger print recognition system [12] but we are using this technique which provides bandwidth  utilization for face matching and reorganization [4].

Disadvantage of Existing system

A.Expensive elections:

In India, elections are very expensive so common man  cannot afford this. Therefore only rich people can fight  elections. Also they make use of political power and money  through illegal methods.

B.Misuse of official machinery:

The election laws have to check the misuse of official  machinery during the elections. But then also the ruling party  makes use of government vehicles and servants in their favor.

  1. Use of caste/religion in election:

In India, many votes are cast on the basis of caste and  religion. As a result of this people get divided on the basis of  caste which is very harmful for election process.  So to avoid these inconsistencies we propose the online  voting system through photo recognition and OTP generation.  It also overcomes the above challenges.

Proposed System

In the first step the registration process is done by the voters through an application. Then in the second step the application will start its process. It first upload the face of the voter using web gallery. Then that image is send to the existing database. Here we use already existed database or centralized database, which contains voter’s information with photos. Then system compares the send images with already stored images in centralized database. Once the image is recognized successfully or matched with the existing images of the database then the server sends the OTP (One-Time Password) to the voters registered mobile number. Then voter enters that OTP, then database again verifies that entered OTP by voter and if it is correct that means it is valid user. After that the candidate’s list will appears. This list contains the candidate name and in front of that name the button named ‘Vote’ is provided. Voter should have to press that button then only the voting is done and the voting procedure is completed. Here security is also necessary to protect the system.