In order to make the Web information system development more efficient, improving the reusability, stability and scalability of system, features of a Web information system development are studied. A Web information system development platform adapting to operational requests and achieving quick development based on MVC design pattern is constructed. After introducing the platform’s framework system, the design and realization of its main parts, design philosophy and basic framework of the platform are given, integrating application examples.

With the development of network technology, more and more information system based on Web has been explored and applied into practice. The issue of how to achieve quick and effective development of WEB information system had grabbed universal attention both domestically and abroad.

At present, customized development platform is used as a solution to this issue both domestically and abroad, with many corresponding products emerged [1-4]. Products such as Lotus Notes, UFSoft, and Kingdee are all system development platforms.

An effective Web information development platform, synthesizing the above development platforms, should have characteristics as follows: standard and succinct development and application processes; parameterize and modularize the development process; high level of safety, strong possibility of openness, with standard data exchange interface; perfect authorization procedures; high security for key data; high level of controllability and expandability, being able to accommodate to the diversity of workflow in operation process. MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern was first proposed in the process of designing GUI in Small-talk-80 in 1970s.

MVC design pattern separates data process, input and output control of the program, and data representation, describing different communicating modes of objects that are from different parts, making them unnecessarily to be involved into each other’s data mode and method, making program framework clarified and flexible [5].

The design and realization of a Web information system development platform based on MVC design pattern is introduced in this paper. By providing a series of basic components, flexible and profuse customized programs and bodies, the development process is simplified: Based on this platform, the users or the programmer is able to easily program WEB application software projects or projects of their own by customized development.