Secured Smart Voting System using

process which is prone to fraud and has manydisadvantages. India is losing the actual meaning of Democracyas the percentage of voting is decreasing drastically day by day.In order to overcome this problem there is a need to providean easy and secured process by developing Mobile Application.Now a days mobile has mobile has replaced everything and hasmade every process simple and secured. The main perspective ofthis paper is to provide a simple and secured voting system inIndia. Since it is app-based it is more secured than online votingsystem. This system uses fingerprint for unique identification andAadhar details are fetched based on fingerprint data. This paperprovides significance for the senior citizens, disabled, patients,soldiers and migrants. People can participate in voting whereever they are located. Results will be announced immediatelyafter completion of election process. This help to move a stepahead towards Digitalize India and Make In India.

India requires secured and an efficient voting system in the21st century. This project aims to develop a Mobile Applica-tion which provides gateway for Aadhar based smart votingsystem. This paper provides more importance to the DataSecurity of voters and to reduce money which governmentis spending money for conducting public elections. Today weare facing many problems like Booth capturing [2], long queuein front of voting booths, voting booths are far away fromresidence and senior citizens are facing major issues, whichdecreases voting percentage. The purpose of Democracy willbe fulfilled when each and every citizen are involved in voting.Key solution for all the above problems is Aadhar based smartvoting system.

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Proposed system provides best possible solution to problemsassociated with the Indian voting system. Since this systeminclude Biometric Authentication, it ensures that vote cant becasted by unauthorized persons. This system allows votersto cast their votes remotely which helps senior citizens,disabled, patients and migrants which intern increases votingpercentage. Since it is app-based it is free from illegal access.This system is free from human intervention votes cannot bemanipulated. Even if anyone in a family is having a smartphone with inbuilt fingerprint sensor whole family can casttheir votes. This system is cost effective and it also reducestime and effort of voters and election commission. This systemwill make India to have sophisticated and transparent votingsystem in the world