Secured Smart Voting System using

Abstract—India is a Democratic country which means peoplehas the power to select their leaders. For selection we havean election process which is prone to fraud and has manydisadvantages. India is losing the actual meaning of Democracyas the percentage of voting is decreasing drastically day by day.In order to overcome this problem there is a need to providean easy and secured process by developing Mobile Application.Now a days mobile has mobile has replaced everything and hasmade every process simple and secured. The main perspective ofthis paper is to provide a simple and secured voting system inIndia. Since it is app-based it is more secured than online votingsystem. This system uses fingerprint for unique identification andAadhar details are fetched based on fingerprint data. This paperprovides significance for the senior citizens, disabled, patients,soldiers and migrants. People can participate in voting whereever they are located. Results will be announced immediatelyafter completion of election process. This help to move a stepahead towards Digitalize India and Make In India.IndexTerms—EVM,Fingerprint,Aadhar,Biometric,Androidapp-based Voting System,Secured Online VotingI.


India requires secured and an efficient voting system in the21st century. This project aims to develop a Mobile Applica-tion which provides gateway for Aadhar based smart votingsystem. This paper provides more importance to the DataSecurity of voters and to reduce money which governmentis spending money for conducting public elections. Today weare facing many problems like Booth capturing [2], long queuein front of voting booths, voting booths are far away fromresidence and senior citizens are facing major issues, whichdecreases voting percentage. The purpose of Democracy willbe fulfilled when each and every citizen are involved in voting.Key solution for all the above problems is Aadhar based smartvoting system.


A. Electronic Voting machinesIndia has an outdated method of conducting elections usingElectronic Voting Machines, which is prone to fraud and itis tedious to handle the voting machines. Most of the EVMsare foreign manufactured, which means the secret codes thatcontrol the EVMs are in foreign hands and that can be used toinfluence the election results. EVMs which are used in Indiado not have any mechanism by which the voter can verifytheir identity before casting votes, due to which fake voterscan cast numerous fake votes. EVMs can be tampered duringmanufacturing [3] in such case it can manipulate the actualvoting [1]. Remote votes cannot be casted using conventionalEVMs. EVMs are very costly, and Government has to spenda lot money for conducting public elections. Citizens willbe in queue to fulfil their Right to Vote, which in turnresult in huge loss for nation. After elections government hasto maintain these machines with full security till countingprocess. Counting is again a tedious process for government.Many countries namely Germany, Netherland, Italy, Francehave banned EVMs. Indian EVMs are manufactured in Japanbut Japan is using ballet system.

B. Paper Ballot systemPaper Ballots were used in India before 1997 for conductingthe public elections. Even though this method gives uninter-rupted voting, Votes captured in ballots can be stored for avery short period as the ink used in voting my discharge orballot paper may lose its quality. Proper care has to be takenin maintaining these ballots to protect them from humidity,sunlight and other factors, which affect the ballot papers. Oncethe ballot is corrupted, we cannot recover the original data.After the election process, it takes more time and effort forcounting the votes manually by checking each ballot paper.Paper is an Inflammable material accidentally I may catch firein case all record will be lost and cannot be recovered andhence government has to spend extra money for conductingre-elections. Bogus ballots can be made and in-numerous fakevotes can be casted.Physically disabled peoples were facing difficulties in cast-ing their votes, in those cases they need others help, but privacywhile casting votes is vomited.

C. Online VotingOnline voting system has merits than existing system but ithas many demerits. It is difficult to ascertain the identity of theperson casting vote. It is not always reliable. It is vulnerableto hackers and malicious software programmes. Since manyproposed system are web based there are chances of illegal

access of data. Hackers can steal the login credentials of votersand can cast illegal votes.