Smart Security Solution for Women based on Internet Of Things(IOT)

Today in the current global scenario, the prime question in every girl’s mind, considering the ever rising increase of issues on women harassment in recent past is mostly about her safety and security. The only thought haunting every girl is when they will be able to move freely on the streets even in odd hours without worrying about their security. This paper suggests a new perspective to use technology for women safety. “848 Indian Women Are Harassed, Raped, Killed Every Day!!” That’s a way beyond HUGE number! We propose an idea which changes the way everyone thinks about women safety. A day when media broadcasts more of women’s achievements rather than harassment, it’s a feat achieved! Since we (humans) can’t respond aptly in critical situations, the need for a device which automatically senses and rescues the victim is the venture of our idea in this paper. We propose to have a device which is the integration of multiple devices, hardware comprises of a wearable “Smart band” which continuously communicates with Smart phone that has access to the internet. The application is programmed and loaded with all the required data which includes Human behavior and reactions to different situations like anger, fear and anxiety. This generates a signal which is transmitted to the smart phone. The software or application has access to GPS and Messaging services which is pre-programmed in such a way that whenever it receives emergency signal, it can send help request along with the location co-ordinates to the nearest Police station, relatives and the people in the near radius who have application. This action enables help instantaneously from the Police as well as Public in the near radius who can reach the victim with great accuracy.


This paper focuses on a security system that is designed merely to serve the purpose of providing security to women so that they never feel helpless while facing such social challenges. An advanced system can be built that can detect the location and health condition of person that will enable us to take action accordingly based on electronic gadgets like GPS receiver, body temperature sensor [1], GSM, Pulse rate sensor. We can make use of number of sensors to precisely detect the real time situation of the women in critical abusive situations. The heartbeat of a person in such situations is normally higher which helps make decisions along with other sensors like motion sensors to detect the abnormal motion of the women while she is victimized. The idea to develop a smart device for women is that it’s completely comfortable and easy to use as compared with already existing women security solutions such as a separate garment, bulky belts and infamous mobile apps that are just very abstract and obsolete. The Smart band integrated with Smart phone has an added advantage so as to reduce the cost of the device and also in reduced size. The GPS and the GSM can be used of a smart phone [2]. This also enables in reduced power use and that the watch can be installed with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which comes in handy for several days on a single shot of charge.


Having this concern in mind many developers have come up with creative applications. Some of such applications are: Codes like *91# is used to provide emergency services, which will alert police control. Free mobile application ‘Help me on mobile’ to ensure safety of women was launched to assist those who need emergency .These applications need a single click to do this task. But when a girl is in trouble, there can be times that the girl is not capable of taking the phone and pressing button.

A.SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment): It is a garment embedded with an electronic device. This garment has an electric circuit that can generate 3800kV which can help the victim to escape. In case of multiple attacks it can send around 80 electric shocks [3].

B.ILA security: The co-founders of this system, have designed three personal alarms that can shock and disorient potential attackers and hence safegaurd the victim from perilous situations.

C.AESHS (Advanced Electronics System for Human Safety) It is a device that helps track the location of the victim when attacked using GPS facility.

D.VithU app: This is an emergency app initiated by a popular Indian crime television series “Gumrah” aired on Channel [V]. When the power button of the Smartphone is pressed twice consecutively, it begins sending alert messages with a link of the location of the user every two minutes to the contacts.

E.Smart Belt: This system is designed with a portable device which resembles a normal belt. It consists of Arduino Board, screaming alarm and pressure sensors. When the threshold of the pressure sensor crosses, the device will be activated automatically. The screaming alarm unit will be activated and send sirens asking help [4].

The main drawback of these applications and services is that the initial action has to be triggered by the victim which often in situation like these doesn’t happen. So the emphasis is to build a solution that works autonomously in situations encountered.

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