Women Safety And Security App


The world needs to be concerned about the women around and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Despite having so many laws for women, it doesn’t stop thieves, assaulters or molesters to abuse women. This paper suggests a smart shoe that not only helps women take care of themselves but also help them be fearless. This project makes use of GPS, GSM modules, a shock circuit and camera, that are interfaced with Raspberry Pi board and Arduino. Women facing any troubles or in any kind of danger, can immediately make use of this device, embedded in their shoe to escape from the dangerous situation and even harm the attacker.

Women Safety And Security App

Moving along with the fast pacing world may be a bit hard but it gets even harder if you are a woman. Though women have achieved high accomplishments and have even served India on honorable positions like The President and The Prime Minister yet they need safety surety and it doesn’t sound feasible if they have to get a guard 24*7 around them for protection, so what can these women look up to? A safety device that they can always carry with them which would make them independent and confident. This paper introduces the users to a smart shoe that women can use to alert their family members and even harm the attacker. Section 2 of this paper contains the related works, section 3 has the proposed methodology proceeded by the description and the implementation in the section 4. Section 5 has the results and Section 6 concludes the paper with future work.


There are mobile apps in the market developed for the safety of women specifically designed for android or iOS, some of which have paid premium features that may help save a life in threatening situations ,for example – VithU App[1]that allows you to send SOS alerts to the listed contacts by just pressing the power key of the phone twice. It also sends the GPS location every time the power button is pressed. Life360 Family Locator App [2], this app lets you create a circle of friends and family and allow them to see each other’s location on a confidential map. Additional feature of the app includes tracking your phone if it gets lost or stolen. An emergency watch[3] was made by Punith Kumar and Shiva Kumar that uses Atmega 328 Microcontroller and have GPS module to detect the location and display it on the watch ,it also has a voice recognition module that saves the voice in a sim card and sends it to the nearby police station that can be further used as evidence too. [4] SHE- Society Harnessing Equipment developed by Manisha Mohan, Niladri Basu Bal, Rimpi Tripathi had sensors and shock circuit board attached to the inner wear whereas the underlying layer in contact with skin is insulated with the help of a polymer. The circuit is placed near the bosom because women are attacked there first, in case of eve-teasing or rape. [5] Smart Belt, this system was designed with a portable device which resembles a normal belt. It consists of Arduino Board, screaming alarm and pressure sensors. When the threshold of the pressure sensor crosses, the device will be activated automatically. The screaming alarm unit will be activated and send sirens asking help.

The life-saving effective shoe comes in a low cost and gives benefits in the long term too as criminals may fear being caught and would think a lot of times before attacking anybody. Women won’t feel helpless anymore and can walk out at any time of the day without concerning about their safety. Code Shoppy Our proposed system is very durable and provides consistent results. In future, using nanotechnologies and embedded system designs, the camera module can be immersed inside a locket or any other wearable which would give the access to capture the face of the attacker with relative ease.

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