The establishment of enterprise website is originally intended to rapidly occupy and extend the market and provide the customers with products, information and services better and faster by utilizing the advance information techniques and methods [6]. But the aim will not be found to be difficult to realize until the implementation stage. Many articles illustrate the causes of the enterprise websites’ failure which can be summed into eight reasons [3] [5]:

1) The indefinite positioning: Many companies regard the website only as an advertisement. Thus the real production value of the website is not developed.

2) Non-available services: Because of jumbled and mass information, the customers can not obtain corresponding services effectively.

3) Lack of content: As conferring to the design model that is not suitable for itself, many blocks of website are devoid of content.

4) Slow to update: The post-maintenance and management is undervalued therefore the users can not obtain good post-service which provides the clients a bad impression.

5) Bad interaction: The website is lack of ways to communicate with the customers and responds to the customers’ message slowly or without any answers.

6) E-commerce exists nominally only: The website can not implement its production value without the ordering, paying and information feedback modules.

7) Webpage design failure: Once the website is in excessive pursuit of the vision effect, a great deal of images, animations and audios are used. This not only causes the customers’ antipathies but also encumbers the pages browse speed.

8) Cluttered webpage plan: The designer can not understand the enterprises overall situation while the important enterprise members do not participate the design. This results in the unclear structure and content chaos.

From the reasons of the website failure, we can reveal easily that the problems appear on a certain segment of the entire website design process. So we must pay enough attention to every segment. The website design is not just the task and responsibility of the design company or the design department, but is involved in all the enterprises members from the upper to the lower. But the realization is very difficult because this flow involves various members from or outside the company and the co-ordination is an arduous mission [7].