Toll Gate System Based on RFID Sensor

With the continued development and economicgrowth, Bangladesh needs to be digitalized in every way possible. In this paper, RFID based Automated Toll Collection System is introduced as a solution of the traffic problems and also to maintain transparency in the toll collection system. The proposed system aims to make a digital toll collection system which can eliminate the delay on toll roads, toll bridges and toll tunnel without cash and without requiring cars to stop. This paper focuses on an electronic toll collection system which uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to identify a vehicle specifically for collecting toll. The proposed RFID system uses tags that are mounted on the digital number plate of the vehicles, through which information embedded on the tags are read by RFID readers. It is possible to reduce the need for vehicle owners and toll collection authorities to distribute tickets and collect tolls manually in this system Information on the toll payment can also be easily exchanged between the vehicle owners and toll authorities. As a result, transparency in toll payment can be ensured with reduced manual labor and human errors. Thus, building smart transportation system will become easier

In our proposed model, we have built a suitable computerized Toll Collection System. The RFID implanted car number plate is allocated to the system. Our prototyped Digital Toll Plaza is made up with Arduino Mega, RFID reader, Display and servo motor for the Toll gate. We have used Arduino IDE programming language to run the system of our Toll plaza.

We manually implanted the RFID tag in the demo car for vehicle information. We had scanned each RFID tag before implemented the project to know about the unique ID and stored it into the database of our system. In our prototype, we only included the RFID number and balance information in database. When the project will be implemented, there will be detailed information about the vehicle like weight, Model and tracking system of the vehicle. In the proposed model, the vehicle passes through the toll plaza and RFID reader reads the information about the balance of the vehicle with the help of RFID tag. If the vehicle has sufficient balance in its account, the toll money has been deducted and balance has been updated in database. After scanning, LCD Display shows the RFID number and the text “Go forward”. Then, with the help of servo motor the toll gate opens for 4 seconds and it closes after that limited time. If an unfortunate occurrence happens that the vehicle does not have sufficient money in its account, the toll gate will not open and display shows “Access Denied, go left”. At left, there is a manual toll collection booth. The vehicle has to pay there and get updated the database with a warning to keep sufficient balance. Meanwhile, other car can pass the toll gate without making any traffic jam.