Womens Security app


A.Advantages of proposed System •Less response time will be required for helping the victim. • Parents/guardians will be notified when they leave safe zone set by them. •Call will be redirected to police, if parents are unable to pick the call. •Parents/Guardians can get the location of victim whenever needed. B.Application of proposed System •Can be used for the safety of women in society. •Can be used for the safety of children. •Can be used for the safety of elderly aged people. •Can be used as a legal evidence of crime with exact location information for prosecution. •Can be used for the safety of physically challenged people.

When the pressure switch is activated, the buzzer turns on and find the gps location of victim then it will send a message to the parent/guardian stating “NEED URGENT HELP, Click Here”. Additionally, if location no NEED URGENT HELP, Location could not be found”t found it will send a message to the parent/guardian stating “. After this, It will search for the gps location for every 10 seconds until it finds it. Until then at every seconds it sends a message without location. If the Location is found it will send a message to the parent/guardian stating “URGENT NEED HELP, Click Here” with location redirecting to google maps and this will happen every thirty seconds.

This paper survey about the existing safety application for women and children and comes out with idea for making safe environment for women and children in the society, and allows them to go anywhere fear free. and it help reducing the crime rate against the women and children. Our Future Scope includes the real time implementation of the proposed system in tiny size with the additional components heartbeat sensor for monitoring the heartbeat of women and children in every second by measuring variation in blood volume in tissues and analysis of various parameters related to heart beat for individual women and children.