Digital Marketing Strategy Making

Digital Marketing Strategy Making

As technology advances with time and the information constantly being discovered, update the digital marketing become more and more popular. There are many marketing strategies can be selected that including public praise marketing, database marketing, placement marketing, and other diverse marketing [10]. Marketing is not just sales and advertising, but to provide the necessary direction of business operators and determine the goods and services are correct. At the same time, it needs to find the distribution channels access to consumers. Therefore, from the enterprise’ point of view how to meet the market demand has been an important issue in marketing research. In order to meet market demand and to develop the industry different from other marketing strategies, the “market segmentation” can be started to explore the opportunity of target market. The method of market segmentation generally start from the “consumer preference”, “distribution channel”, “geographical analysis”, and so on. However, the research of marketing only focused on some fixed point in the past and those were lack a set ofprocess analysis [1]. In addition, the corporate decision-making analyses are mostly collected from the past data. Using information system to get the factors and do the market research by those factors. Common methods are (1) to identify the problem, (2) to analyze the scenario, (3) to obtain information about the problem, (4) to explain the data, and (5) to solve the problem. However, the dynamic needs of the market will obstruct this research, or affect the appropriateness of the research results. Therefore, our study attempts to connect information technology with enterprise management integration, and looking for the key factors of digital marketing mix for enterprise. Consequently, a complete framework of the digital marketing is proposed and the data mining techniques are used to do market segmentation. Then, enterprises can identify the suitable marketing strategies by the characteristics of each group, and draw consumers’ attention and purchase intention. The literature reviews in Section II include the definition of digital marketing, internet marketing, and data mining. Section III presents the framework of digital marketing proposed in the study. SEO Company Kumbakonam

The digital marketing means using digital technology-related media as a new advertised pattern of marketing channel [10]. “Marketing” is the most important thing in the digital marketing; “digital” is only one of the pipelines of marketing. This new type of digital marketing, prompting business must rethink from the perspective of between businesses and consumers enables new contact and interaction. The key consideration of our study is that the emergence of digital marketing can cause the following two changes in the business marketing: zReduce the costs of making advertising: By using information technology and internet data transmission, through interactive media let marketing information can provide more user-friendly interactions. The production costs may even lower than film ad-films. zNarrow the distance between the consumers: The use of computer equipment can be closer relationships with consumers, and improve customer loyalty or more value-added services for consumers. The channel intermediation opportunities for new distributors or create more marketing channels [1]. Overall, digital marketing is the product of the relevant information to the digital model to be suitable for packaging, maybe an e-mail, receive SMS at PDA and mobile phones, Website pages and even social network service, blog, chat rooms, digital interactive TV platforms etc., digital marketing can be a performance stage.

In today’s digital environment, marketing tactics became variety besides, under the factor of facing low consumer loyalty and industry rapid change. In order to response and satisfy market and customer demand immediately, and master market characteristics and consumers’ preferences, a architecture of digital marketing is proposed to analyze product information and attempt to combine information technology with enterprise management. To find the key factor of digital marketing mix for enterprises, so as to promote marketing information can provide more customized marketing interaction by using the interactive media

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